Thursday, 15 May 2014

Meet Charlie

Charlie is a BIG goat (far left in this picture).  Very big and incredibly strong.  

He has a lovely nature but has a particular dislike of having his hooves trimmed.  And you can see in this picture Charlie, has no horns.  Oh dear, nothing to hold onto when attempting a pedicure.

The first time we ever attempted this Mike ended up with bruised ribs.  We’ve always since got the farrier, a man mountain, to trim Charlie when he’s in to do the horses.

But the farriers not due for a while, Charlie was limping so it was down to us this morning.  Needless to say, Denise ended up on the floor somehow trapped underneath Charlie!  We did manage to trim all 4 hooves, Charlie wandered off none the worse and we staggered off, battered and bruised, but pleased the job was done.
Bless him.

Monday, 10 March 2014

has Spring sprung?

Crocus & BumbleBee

We’ve just had a lovely Spring weekend down her in West Wales, the warmest of the year by far.

The first Celandines are now in flower around the edges of our fields, primroses by the house will be full flower tomorrow.

A bumblebee flew lazily by on Saturday (and then back again on Sunday) and for the first time this year we had bats back flying around the yard Sunday evening.

Our ‘senior’ horse Jeremy went out without his coat on and all the goats were enjoying lying around in the sun in the yard.

We’ll stay away from mentioning the rugby on Sunday – apart from that all seems well here, and we will hope it is with you too.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Taking advantage !

some of our rescue goats
Before our working day animals need to be fed; but today Mike got called away to take a phone call - so our cheeky Goats took advantage of a bale of Hay

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sun's out

and sky is blue - so what better way to spend the day but enjoying the outdoors ! - some of our goats

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Not far from us here

Following the recent storms -
Curtsey from
seems no-one was immune to the damage caused.

Click here to read about how this nesting pair will have to have their nesting site rebuilt

we are very lucky

We love living in the countryside of Ceredigion and being close to nature – very close sometimes!

Last night going into the office to make a last check of the emails, we found a rather lovely Newt wandering around quite happily.  We put him/her outside, showed him/her the direction to the nearest pond and sent him/her on her way.

We’ve had bats in the house (found one asleep in the clothes peg bag once), every Summer we have Swallows coming in and flying round the office.  We had a Sparrowhawk in one of our warehouses once, and frogs will often hop by.
All rather splendid we think.