Monday, 28 October 2013

The day after the Storm

Taking the day off today following the WMVegan Festival on Saturday.  So thought we would go to one of our favourite places, Aberaeron & see the after effects of the stormy weather which hit most of Southern England overnight.  We seemed to get away quite lightly, but the Sea was still something to make you stop and stare.  Sorry about the spray marks on the lens !

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Brambles; our eldest dog........

Big relief yesterday when we took Brambles to the vet.  Not a young dog, she’s now 15 and survived a major stoke last year.

We noticed a large swelling on both sides of her neck and feared the worse, but it turned out to probably be blocked salvia glands and seems to be treatable fairly easily.  Time will tell but she seems as bright as normal today, so a good start.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bread minus yeast

If you like bread, but the yeast in bread does not like you (problem I have) finding alternative recipes is very satisfying. 
This is Apple bread, basically oats, flower & ordinary Gala apples – recipe did suggest eggs, but obviously changed that to a small amount of soya flower in soya milk, just as good a binder and animal friendly to boot

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A new door & an old dog !

Oz asking to come in!

Great excitement here yesterday when we had a new door fitted to the office (well we don’t get out much!).  Still needs varnishing but we think it looks lovely.

You might notice the industrial sized cat ‘flap’ in the bottom corner.  We can’t have a conventional cat flap for 2 reasons; Firstly we have so many cats crashing in and out they pull them off the hinges, and secondly our big dog Oz, likes nothing better than lying with his head peering out of the flap – again pulling it off the frame.

We usually have just have a flap shaped hole in the door for all to come and go, but it gets really cold in the winter so we’ve had a sliding cover fitted on the new door to keep the chill out!

Happy days.