Monday, 26 August 2013

Meet Caley

Meet Caley, one of our older cats but still looking very good for her age (17 years approx) and also looking very sweet sitting, for some reason, in a toy wheelbarrow.
Caley in the WheelBarrow !

Caley came to us some 12 years ago from the now closed Ty Agored Animal Sanctuary that was situated literally just up the road from us.  So close in fact that often cats use to wander off from Ty Agored and end up strolling down the lane to us – once 3 cats arrived like this at the same time.  Needless to say once they arrived, they stayed with us!
Denise found Caley having a huge stroke down our lane some 3 years ago and it was very touch and go as to whether she would survive.  But she obviously has a strong constitution and with a lot of TLC she pulled through and looks set to be with us for some time yet.
She might even outlive the wheelbarrow that has certainly seen better days.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

On The Horns Of A Dilemma

Strange start to the day on Sunday; Whilst feeding the sheep in the barn, Boris
Boris when he had 2 horns !
who only has the one horn now (how he lost the other is another story), managed to get his one horn stuck in my trouser pocket!
There was some tugging while we tried to extradite ourselves, common sense though soon took over and we stopped pulling long enough to give us some slack and to disentangle ourselves.
We went on our way none the worse for wear, with just the slight feeling of a certain loss of dignity on both our parts. Oh well.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Stop The Cull

We can’t believe that the long dreaded badger cull is set to start next Monday 26 August.  
5000 badgers risk being shot as a sop to the National Farmers Union and as an easy scapegoat for Bovine TB – while the farming industry refuses to look at its own practices to see the real cause of the problem.

Badger picture from SaveMe/Team Badger
We are lucky in Wales that after a lot of campaigning and a change in the political make-up of the Welsh Assembly Government, a cull was finally ruled out and a programme of vaccination has been started.
It must be said that although the Tories and their Lib Dem friends were much in favour of a cull in Wales (as in England), Plaid Cymru that likes to present itself as modern, progressive party, seemed almost obsessed with getting a cull underway.

These things shouldn’t be forgotten about when next we have a chance to vote and we can only hope the news from England is not as grim as feared come next Tuesday morning.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Successful vege growing year

our potato harvest
Today we have used the last of our home grown new potatoes.   

Been a very successful year this year in contrast to last year.  Not only potatoes, but have had continued harvests of Broad Bean, Mangetout, Kale, Chard, Courgettes, some soft fruit and no doubt things I have forgotten.  Looking forward to next main harvest being Runner Beans.

Here Comes Trouble!

Meet Trouble.  A very pretty little goat who arrived here with her Mum and extended family earlier this year from the wonderful Vegan run Happy Endings.

Apart from looking lovely, her 2 main aims in life are never being too far from Mum, and slightly less endearingly, pushing her head through the nearest
Trouble the Goat !
available fence and then due to her pretty little horns, not being to get out again.

After she’s eaten all she can reach there is a plaintive little cry for help which necessitates someone  trudging down to where she is stuck to get her out.  Unfortunately her ‘help get me out I’m stuck again’ call is the same as her ‘look at me having a lovely time her call, so we never know which one it is without checking!

She regularly gets stuck up to 15 times in one day, which does get a tad tiring, hence the name. Trouble.

We can only hope that as she gets older and more wise (!) and her pretty little horns get bigger and less easy to extricate from fencing, it’s something she might grow out of.  Bless.