Friday, 23 August 2013

Here Comes Trouble!

Meet Trouble.  A very pretty little goat who arrived here with her Mum and extended family earlier this year from the wonderful Vegan run Happy Endings.

Apart from looking lovely, her 2 main aims in life are never being too far from Mum, and slightly less endearingly, pushing her head through the nearest
Trouble the Goat !
available fence and then due to her pretty little horns, not being to get out again.

After she’s eaten all she can reach there is a plaintive little cry for help which necessitates someone  trudging down to where she is stuck to get her out.  Unfortunately her ‘help get me out I’m stuck again’ call is the same as her ‘look at me having a lovely time her call, so we never know which one it is without checking!

She regularly gets stuck up to 15 times in one day, which does get a tad tiring, hence the name. Trouble.

We can only hope that as she gets older and more wise (!) and her pretty little horns get bigger and less easy to extricate from fencing, it’s something she might grow out of.  Bless.

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