Monday, 26 August 2013

Meet Caley

Meet Caley, one of our older cats but still looking very good for her age (17 years approx) and also looking very sweet sitting, for some reason, in a toy wheelbarrow.
Caley in the WheelBarrow !

Caley came to us some 12 years ago from the now closed Ty Agored Animal Sanctuary that was situated literally just up the road from us.  So close in fact that often cats use to wander off from Ty Agored and end up strolling down the lane to us – once 3 cats arrived like this at the same time.  Needless to say once they arrived, they stayed with us!
Denise found Caley having a huge stroke down our lane some 3 years ago and it was very touch and go as to whether she would survive.  But she obviously has a strong constitution and with a lot of TLC she pulled through and looks set to be with us for some time yet.
She might even outlive the wheelbarrow that has certainly seen better days.

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