Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Much loved, but always nervous cat - Feli

This is Feli, a much loved and missed cat who lived with us for a good number of years from when we moved down to West Wales.

Feli was a stray cat who roamed the area where we moved to in Corfe Castle in Dorset.  Some of the neighbours had been feeding him for years and we didn’t feel we could interfere too much when we arrived.
But he started coming into to be fed regularly, although wouldn’t let anyone  get near him, and when we decided to move to Wales we knew we had to take him with us.

To avoid any last minute dramas at moving time, we trapped him about a week before.  Feli was not happy.  He bit the vet who we had castrate him.  As we was so wild we put him into a cattery for ‘safe keeping’, and when we went to collect him for his move to Wales, he bit the lady who owned the cattery (she actually had to go to hospital) and bite Denise badly as well.

When we arrived here we let him out in a quite part of the house, we didn’t really see much of him but he took his food and we knew he was safe and his roaming days should be behind him.
He eventually started to come out and after some months fell in love with Womble, a very handsome cat already living here.  They were inseparable, mainly it has to be said because Feli wouldn’t leave Womble alone. Womble always looked like he could take it or leave it!

Although he was so very happy here, Feli never got over his fear of people and the only time we were able to hold him was when he eventually died a very peaceful death.

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