Monday, 11 November 2013

distressing sound...........

Aunt Dotty !

We went to bed on Friday night with the heart rending noise of a herd of cows on the farm just above us, crying out in enormous distress.  

This has happened before and we assume it’s because their calves have just been taken away from them.
The noise was incredible with one cow, even more distressed then the rest, sounding out above her sisters.

The calling was still continuing on Saturday morning when our rescued cow Aunt Dotty, thankfully out of the cruelties of the commercial dairy herd, came up from our bottom fields and stood listening to these anguished cries and calling out herself in sympathy.

Today, Monday, the cries although a lot less subdued can still clearly, and poignantly, be heard from here.
What has happened to their calves by now does not bear thinking about.  And we call ourselves a nation of animal lovers.

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  1. Sad to hear. We get it here in Boncath too where the cows and even the sheep sometimes cry out for hours when the farmers steal their babies.