Thursday, 15 May 2014

Meet Charlie

Charlie is a BIG goat (far left in this picture).  Very big and incredibly strong.  

He has a lovely nature but has a particular dislike of having his hooves trimmed.  And you can see in this picture Charlie, has no horns.  Oh dear, nothing to hold onto when attempting a pedicure.

The first time we ever attempted this Mike ended up with bruised ribs.  We’ve always since got the farrier, a man mountain, to trim Charlie when he’s in to do the horses.

But the farriers not due for a while, Charlie was limping so it was down to us this morning.  Needless to say, Denise ended up on the floor somehow trapped underneath Charlie!  We did manage to trim all 4 hooves, Charlie wandered off none the worse and we staggered off, battered and bruised, but pleased the job was done.
Bless him.

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